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"99 Point Static"

(Incomplete, probably with lots of mishearings)

[ Mestizo ]

I found my paradise in pain
It smells like America here
It feels like America here
What America could have been without the genocide and slavery
With these full handshakes and modern birds
No time for life, for all rockets or unconditional growth
A land full of honor and passing virtues
The smell of roasting pig's flesh and the freshest of air
From green horizons and indian summers
That's what dreams are made of

Fightin' the defenseless reachin' for the hands of God
Stare him right into the eyes, in the yard(?)
Said you never gon' achieve it if ya don't work hard
I'm in awe
Was swallowed by its jaws in the soft list
Never flippin' your switch
Structure the the locks on the doors
So I could sit the duke of all
Need this light to lead me through this hall
Everybody following their flaws and the laws
Chain reaction that's an unjust cause
Cross ejection from the back then snaps the axle
Can't believe the hand of God
Cast 'em over backwards on the bar
Detach it from the heart
Banish it from what is truly yours
Trap 'em in a black hole star
So when I'm castin' out my rod
I'm catchin' me a shark
Needin' no applause
Feed it to the poor
Feed the fam till they belly is full at all costs
Fell into vernacular well enough
While they holdin' back sub par
Something beautiful when the dusk fits the dawn
You should've, you could've, prove 'em all wrong
Convince 'em to the fullest, I kinda had it right all along

[ Doseone ]

Whether they rap, coke in the bag
Yellow they back, cut 'em in half
Feed 'em to cats, havin' a laugh
Pardon my rap, look at the facts
Shouldn'ta had spitted the flag
If you didn't want to die by tank
If you didn't want to do right thing
What heads said forget
Pitch direct to head
Falling for that, moment of trap
Havin' to have a thing like brave mislead you
Inadvertently eat you
On deserted street leave you
Get it leded beheaded for deaded
Let it bread it and spread it
A dollop of streetlight-bright
Cut 'em slice of bent life with a side of light
Doin' them devils right
In the spirit of clearin' out the gutters
I'm good at it, yes I will do what I should at it
Right here right now
Savage and all pall stall static

The odd are even and you're the one that's leavin'
And I only wanna open up my chromosome with poems (static)
We don't need it with my menace ego-eatin' ???
Aiming at your frame ninety-nine point (static)

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