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"Future Confetti"

f*ck today, out the way
Got no bottom to this hate
Hater go, hater stay
Hater hate another day

White man walk like
It was never wildlife
Fat child like
Bright, by both eye-whites
"D, motherf*cker, D!"
To strive for love life
In this smartphone sea
Feeding we to alcohol nightmare side G
Yeah, tight weed
I need less me
In my monitor
Less little to say
And a new moniker:
"DJ Dust-Become-of-Us"
Never been in love
But I've been in lust
Careful the thug
I eat my drugs
And forget your names
I look good losing games
That's purer pride in mid-stride
Somebody gets a lot of f*ckin' keyboards when I die
When I see a star, I know better
It's a plane, I'm in a car
I'm in a box, I keep it locked
It's where my bills bang
Where the keys clang
Where Oakland starts and my apartment stops
Beat the fleeting weaker hearts
Dark the arts
Of carving convictions into barks
You wanna follow that?
I wanna see you build an ark

What they want is some confetti
What they get is something deadly
In the land of milk and plenty
Where the glass is always empty

No matter how many pounds of bad you think you is
Tonight it's like you're being allowed to live
And carbon likes to keep you at that money like a tit
You're a wild angry growling cyst of spite without it
Without it

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