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"Darling (We Are Burning)"

Do you still get scared
The way that you used to
When you were faced with your mistakes or any confrontation?
Just keep telling yourself
I'm the one who made this happen

But it would be okay
And it'd be alright
You knew I'd stay
You knew I wouldn't fight

It's all okay
It's just f*cking fine
Just fake what you feel
I'll talk you through night

I'd kill myself
Just to watch you burn
In hell this pain feels so familiar
For me at least
While you just miss the f*cking throne
Don't you miss this?
Standing side by side while burning from the inside out

I'm wasting my time
Spending my life
In your heart clutching on to your lies
Hoping to find a way out
Through open veins you've cut to keep up this disguise

You were nothing but a mirror
And you broke when I looked in
Now all I have are pieces of me

Because you never seemed to find yourself
And you romanticized the image of a girl who needed help
I'm over feeling sorry for the damage you've done
So f*cking hate me, but just know that you're the reason I know what to call love

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