Cemetery Drive


Pops afk for a decade
Wanna make him proud so I send him all my essays
Must be a cowboy, he works in the states
He sent me a Game Boy, I’m scared it will break

Now I’m sixteen and a bit of a nuisance
Smoking cigarettes and always playing truant
Man is not a robot, man is just human
Don’t give a f**k man, whole thing’s ruined

[VERSE 1 - Thiago]
Ok, got some sh*t need to get off my chest
It's like f**k your clique I'ma lickedy-split
It's all fake, don't stick, y'all don't really exist
Better hop off quick like Jiminy Crix

Step outside, “brrr,” it's chilly as bricks
f**k mother nature, give the titty a flick
Stay gold like Wonka, Willy with tix
sh*t's mine, hard to break like obsidian picks

Silly rabbit my Trix are for kids
Toxic like Britney I did it again
Talk myself down, talk myself down off the ledge
I know it's all in my head
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