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Doja Cat

"20 Below"

[Chorus: Anderson Paak]
20 below is how I feel right now
20 below is how I feel right now
I can’t do much but chill right now
I want something warm to feel right now

[Verse 1: Doja Cat]
20 below is how I feel
Especially when so many are cold
Here’s how I deal with it
Sittin sipping Remy and coke
I gotta heal All the troubles
But here many don’t know just how yall heal
Been pushing a Camaro up In them higher hills
Higher than Himalayas
I’m Tryna hear what you sayin
My mind has been on a break
And i might appear quite insatiable
Like Diamonds is highly unbreakable, hey

[Verse 2: Anderson .Paak]
When there’s nothing left to gaze at
Just the snow and the plain flat
I don’t care to leave the home
It’s safer where its warm at
I’m lazing in your bow
Kinda hard to keep this ice cold
When my hands make the contact
I melt into your road
Steaming off your soft back
And flexing in ya slow
(Ice cold, Ice cold)
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