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[Verse: Giggs]
Living in a cracked-out environment
Where n*ggas moving packs in varieties
Whatever I ask papi for
He knows he's gotta match my requirements
Straps will be firing
Next thing you'll hear batches of sirens
Every little n*gga wants to rush
Get their stash out and buy a ting
Been in some f*cked up predicaments
Where some particulars had me up on some vigilance
These n*ggas went and f*cked with originals
I draw for the strap and left them f*cked up ridiculous
These n*ggas ain't seen what I have and
Nearly lost their life on the field 'cause their gat jammed
Clapped man, sh*t got hectic and I backed man
f*cked up life that I'm living as a black man
Everybody rates Giggs
I could focus on rap but everybody makes hits
Nowadays everbody takes sniff
I want my stack tight like the dad from Everybody Hates Chris
Even though I'm from the flipping ghetto
When I go shopping I'm a picky fellow
That's why the stitching in the AJ's are flipping yellow
Then I go home, kick back
Blow dro, sip 'yac
Zone out, script wrap
Make a phone call, then I strip yats
And I ain't talking bout
I'm talking 'bout some look-a-like Halle Berry's
Plus a cognac's already ready
Fling a porno on the screen of my heavy telly

[Outro: Giggs]
What kinda mixtape is this
I know bare n*ggas out there chatting sh*t
Like they're on man's level on this rap ting
But obviously, man ain't making mixtapes like this
Where you don't have to skip sh*t, you get me
I listen to these othese mixtapes out there, bare skippage
1 to 7 to 16! Trust me fam
But this is pure quality
Hollowman, Blade, we do this ting
Mixtapes in 2 weeks it's nothing
Cut that Saj

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