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"No Long Talk"

[Intro: Drake & Baka Not Nice]
(Wheel it!)
Yeah (Six!)
Murda on tha beat so it's not nice

[Verse 1: Drake]
That’s Baka, he's a no-long-talker
Quick to let the motherf*ckin' TEC slam
We don’t need to hear about a next man
Youts talk down, then they get ran
Left them, get dipped from the whole ends
If Gilla call shots, no questions
G-Way til I'm restin'
But we still got love for the West End
If it's a chit-chat ting, better talk nice
Murda on the beat so it's not nice
Skull gets hot, then I'm not nice
You tryna date her and she been let me wop twice
Now you man are on a diss ting
Just know man like Chubbs
He's a fixer if I ever gotta fix tings
Just know man like Fif, he's a sickaz
You get tanned, he don’t miss things
Just know man like me, I’m a Sixer
And I oversee the whole thing
Yeah, I pree the whole thing (SN1)
Yeah, I pree the whole thing
Preme got the err tucked, can't see the whole thing
n*ggas wanna talk splits, now we need the whole thing

[Verse 2: Giggs]
Man gets duppied when we touch a button (Touch a button)
Man catch suckers, then we’re touchin' somethin' (Yeah)
Man get stuck in, yeah, we're stuck in somethin’ (Yeah)
Man gets wrappin' when we're suckin' somethin' (Straight)
Man gets battered with the crutch or somethin' (Battered)
Man bat bat it, then we buck or somethin' (Buck-bucker)
If man child play it, then we Chucky somethin' (Straight)
If man start throwin', then we're chuckin' somethin' (Hmm)
I'm on the best side, got the TEC lined
In the whip, on the left side, on a death ride (Switch it)
MAC-10 and the spesh flies, and the TEC slide
Nutty sh*t like somethin' just climbed out the X-Files (Ooh)
Textbook, like it's old school, like in textiles
Lighty lookin' healthy and she gets smiles
Home time, grab a quick drink and she gets wild
Sexy, and I rate that and her sex style (Switch it)
f*ckin' somethin', yeah n*gga, f*ckin' somethin' (f*ckin' somethin')
Back bent, pus*y, I'll f*ck her somethin' (Yeah)
Cognac, better grab a cup of somethin' (Cup of somethin')
Glue pus*y like a n*gga stuck or somethin' (Nah)
Stuck or somethin', like a n*gga stuck or somethin' (Stuck or somethin')
Saw the monster, it's like a truck or somethin' (Jheeze)
Spread the pus*y out, I'm 'bout to butter somethin' (Yeah)
Man gone Hollywood, it's like I'm Buck or somethin' (Buck)

[Outro: Giggs]
You dun know, it's Hollowman Giggs
Right now, just here with the big man Drizzy, you get me?
More Life flex, you dun know
OVO and SN1 to the world, brap

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