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"Outro (STR8 MURKIN)"

Yeah, you gotta have a little money to live out here
Oh, yeah?
You got to have it, I know what you're thinkin'
I was the one back in the day always talkin' about how I love the hood, I love the ghetto
I was the one sayin' I wasn't the kind of n*gga to make a little
Money and run to the suburbs
You're right, that's what I said
But soon as I got my cheque, I was gone!

[Verse 1]
Man's itsy, now man's bitsy
But Giggs givin' n*ggas some history
When Giggs didn't even hit sixteen
When these little n*ggas just pipsqueaks
But man had to bang an XR2
But now man are swinging in six speeds
Bag a man up in Peckham, dude, thick thieves
When man's trigger finger weren't itchy
When man flop that pus*y through di*k tease
Now man gets that pus*y too quickly
And man's getting pus*y through vocals
It's clearly cause the universe mixed me
And man had to follow through six deep
Your man had them Hollows dude six seat
When man had to borrow food, quick P's
Your man had to swallow food, sh*t beat
Your man's in the (?) new (?)
When man strap a zoob, we use big sheets
And man ain't gonna come with no big speech
And man let it go before pigs reach
And man kick it off with those big feet
Their (?) sixty
When man cover mouths they can't lip read
Now man's coming out on those big screens

Pull your tongue out of my arsehole, Gary
Dogs do that
You're not a dog, are you, Gary?

[Verse 2]
Man's dead sick, man edged it
Have man running up in man's bedsit
And man hit the window and legged it
When man's steppin' in, a man exit
And man chop it and a man wedged it
And man sayin' that a man said sh*t
And man play it loud on that Ed sh*t
And man's playing foul on that egg sh*t
And man never know a man guessed it
And man let it go, I [?] it
And man's gonna roll a good sess spliff
And that pus*yhole will get fed di*k
Lean back when I roll in that fresh whip
Like the Big Brother house, best bits
Old school poppy, had the best mix
Me and Foss 50/50, best splits
Hollow plus twenty, guestlists
Make that milkshake, Nesquik
pus*y all shaved, gets di*k
Split that pus*y four ways, sex splits
I rang Peppa up and said "text Skiz"
And man wasn't sure so man text Cliz
When man swing a four they get wet wigs
You talk bidding wars, I might tek bids
If your chest big, come and get Giggs
She gives the best neck and gets the best di*k
Take a next step, build a fresh bridge
Now take the bass out and leave the rest mids

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