Hadji Gaviota

"4049 SPRUCE"

{Verse 1]
Got a crib that's filled with all my friends
Speakers in the den
Volume at 10 from 10 to 10 AM
Aux was playing gems
Talking anything from Three 6 to Talking Heads
Blah blah blah
There go everybody yapping blah blah blah
Yo Gotti took the words out my mouth
Views from the couch
Room move at speeds that could make B.o.B a believer, but

I've never seen her round here
Eyes feel like a P.C.H. drive
'Nother nugget in the John Deere
And we can float, oh, oh

Don't let me go, oh, oh
Feeling the fever rise
And we can float, oh, oh
Until the heat subsides
Don't let me go, oh, oh
Still in my dreams at night
Until the end of time
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