Hadji Gaviota

[Intro: Chedda]
Purgatory FM, you're in the mix with Chedda
This is Telescope

[Verse 1: Hadji Gaviota]
I feel your glare burning a hole in my back
Don't stare too long this is my favorite shirt
I see you always seem to know where I'm at
Your perfect vision from your side of the map

[Hook: Hadji Gaviota]
If we let it be, never let it breathe
Tell me what you see in your telescope
Hands is on your jeans holding on to me
Telling me to squeeze like don't let go
How could I baby you're flawless
And I need you in my arms

[Verse 2: Hadji Gaviota]
You're dancing to the remix
But I can read lips
I see your facе is making shapes
A pace that plays in sync with the original
That wе used to sweat out in my room to
Watching from afar you see I haven't lost my groove, ooh
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