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Yodael G

"Hidden Tapes/ Malcolm Freestyle"


I publicly acclaimed this project would be for the broken hearted
And I’m not lying it is
But it’s primarily for a special case I been working on
So don’t feel disregarded if I don’t talk about everything you go thru because I’m speaking to a particular group of people

If you do not go through these things that’s fine but don’t point any fingers if u mess with my intentions or your fine with my content just sit still and try to enjoy the show

As you journey through my mind and see everything that I wrestle with don’t be shocked I know it’s gruesome & raw but that’s the beauty behind it
I’m man of enough to talk about how imperfect i am

I’m real enough to say somethings that most churches won’t say
But then again I am church, we all are

I do this for the people who are driven by Lust
Who can’t get enough
Who claim just like a dollar bill in God we trust
But behind closed doors they’re no longer themselves they’re completely someone else

All of you who struggle with that this is for you
Some of you might be scared
You’re not trynna tell anyone about your addiction but I’ll just say this
You gotta have someone to keep you in check
And if you’re not compelled to do so let me be the example for you
I’ll go out there I’ll embarrass myself if I have to for your well being but I can only do so much

Listen sooner or later you gotta do something about it I’m not the doctor But let this mixtape help you medicate your condition, consider this a supplement
A simple add-on to help you when your tempted

As for those of you listening but have no clue what it’s like
I’m sure you still wrestle with yourself
From time to time
Whatever that area of weakness be
But listen I've seen amazing testimonies of people from all around the world

But I don’t know what’s like for them to walk in the light everyday that’s why I’m talking about my flaws as I’m growing as I’m maturing so that you as the listener won’t just hear me out as an outsider
But as someone who grows with me
So without further ado
Hear Me!

Malcolm Freestyle

To tell my story imma try to top it off
My songs are like a message in a bottle pop it off????
A burning light within me starts to burn so that when I release this music to the people watch out it’s a molotov ????????

Ha see I know I’m sick that’s why I cough
I take a leap of faith headfirst when I’m diving off
Cuz I got beef with beats I’ll eat em up like stroganoff
I try to calm the hulk within me like I’m Agent Romanoff

But you don’t get it
But Then again I guess that’s fine
To nail the problem
Well,let’s take it back in time
When every single living creature would behave benign
And then we got kicked out the Garden
"Ohp" that didn’t rhyme


I’m past dealing with humans
Cuz I fight wit something bigger
The bigger they are the harder they fall
In that case I’ll move quicker
And grab me a slingshot and 5 stones on the way
Since '05 GOD been my compadre

Can I pause and diverge while I take a Segway
I'm all bout my purpose like Tobe Nwigwe
Ha see this is the flow for all the haters
 That be big mad
Who throw us Juju but we doo doo on that witchcraft
I’m giving back the flow so shut up wit that chit chat
I’ll tell my story of demonic battles this that
Feeling when you think you hear your voice but it’s somebody else
That sounds just like you
You’re confused
Tell em who’s back

Yea n*gga I been dominatin’
While u think you tight with God
I been down with Satan
We been scheming and strategizing
We teaming we analyzin’
The reason we adding lies in
Is just so u can fail

So fear me like the beginning of wisdom
Work so hard *???* can't miss ‘em
I’m the craftiest alive I made the system
If y’all are the target y’all are the victims

Every day I commit the perfect crime
Meaning nobody knows what I done or what I’m
Bout to do
So I move from the underworld
I’m responsible for all the brokenness in this world

*Drum Break*


Every single moment I get
I been losing my grip I have no control
Hope every remix I make with this tape can soothe my soul
See but this isn't me
This isn’t me

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