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Yodael G

"Letter to Myself"


*Whistling Melody*

I never thought it’d be me

Ya know ending up as one of them who’d stray away from him

But here I am... possessed is the correct word

By my thoughts, my flesh, and my burning desires.

My Mind’s always racing in the night exterminating sleep from my vocabulary

I'm having a hard time counting sheep when the only thing on my mind is the thought of committing that one sinful act that the church despises

And the worse thing is with my parents position to most this is probably one of the biggest surprises

My brain’s already got terabytes of graphic content stored in me


I’m not sure what I want man,

the door is wide open but part of me still doesn’t wanna leave the cell

You know what’s crazy is even my mom would have some visions in her dreams of me going through hell

Like She could sense this unpleasant aura around me every night I gave in to my flesh

I’m literally ripped apart in half and I just can’t express it to the max but before I press play on the music know that “YOU” the listener is just the partial reason why I’m doing this

I don’t mind being misjudged and sacrificed by Pharisees if it’s for the sake of guiding my generation

I don’t mind being the catalyst or conduit for leading others to Christ

I don’t mind being praised so long as the glory is given to God first then I get the remainder

I don’t mind at all so I’ll start speaking my truth personally
But just know one last thing

Before I do this for y’all

Know that I’m checking myself
So I do this first for me

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