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Tinchy Stryder

"Daily Duppy"

[Intro: Tinchy Stryder]
9th cloud
Daily Duppy right now

[Verse: Tinchy Stryder]
Lemme zone, let me try catch this
Pull my snapback down, recap this
Feed me hate, that's part of my tactics
Watch them thirsty dogs try cat this
Matchfit practice, I've been training for matches
Like that's a counter attack, that's ahead, but back this
Won't take a leaf out your book: it's dry, cactus
Daily Duppy
Weekly, monthly, yearly Duppy again
Duppy bags and bodies, you pay me the bags I'll bod' these tracks
Body Glasto Pyramid Stage, body Eskimo Wiley's rave
Body moist just sloppy, I bet it gets rude [?] your loss, sorry
Don't get carried away, swept by a wave and carried away
Go with the hard, not the head, cuh you might get headtopped, carried away
Up in your face I be [?] the way
Deep in the sea, you stayin' in the lake
Shark in a rumble, you're a little turtle
Bars on bars, I be shellin' the way
Take shots, [?], never get saved, yeah
You've got a song but they never get played
Even Shazam doesn't know your name
Stay in that corner, you own that space
Hold up wait, I said hold up, wait, can you really hold up that weight?
Good here, [?] surviving, mate
10 years plus, no sell by dates
Gettin' a little bit awkward and that
We're not family, don't call me that
Sickest bars, we're known to react
16, lock off the whole of your back
Grime 1 lines, I pattern
Settings right, pattern
I'm black star in the hood capping
Maschino jeans with patterns, yo
Call your girl cause she's active
I know more than 5 who tapped it
We're the kids who cause moshpits, if that's big in the game, we're massive
Next b*tch, next sh*t, respected, you best exit
Crossed out, X it
Don't watch me, watch Netflix
Used to save up for studio time, then I saved up and made the studio mine
Window shopping at Oxford Circus, now I got my own clothing line
Play my songs 'til you're bored of 'em
On that boredom line, you're borderline
In fact your song, no they never play that
Wouldn't ever hear, so I can't get bored of 'em
It's in my heart, in my soul
Can't walk in my creps, check my sole
Under the heats [?]
[?] cuh my papers fold
But there's nothing like back home
Nothing like own in your own home
I don't do this on my Jack Jones
Shout outs to Jack, backbone
The team's strong, it's all live
Cloud 9, so high
It smells nice, we stay high
To the top, unknown heights
I can't forget where I came from, though
No, I never came from dough
Raised in Ghana, raised in Bow
Straight from the motherland, land of gold
Not as simple as ABC
Let me pray for them, may he see
This, that, the 3rd and XYZ
Drilling hard, like we're crushing weed
That generation made me, now it's back to that
Take the mic and pass it back, we're calling it back to back
That generation raised me, facts

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