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"Uno Uno Seis"

[Produced Alex Medina & Andy Mineo]

[Hook: Derek Minor] (x4)
Uno uno seis
When I uno uno seis
When I uno uno seis
Please don’t get up in my way

[Bridge: Alex Medina]
This for my vatos in Cali
Dominicanos up in NY
Cubanos in Miami
Colombianos, we worldwide

[Verse 1: Andy Mineo]
I rep that Wash Heights like all day, this unashamed life cost me
I try to walk that narrow path, but your boy live off of Broadway
I took the A-train to 1-6-8, Dominicanos playing dominoes
And them platanos all on my plate, New York in my mind state
But you know we take it international, We finna to follow anywhere the master goes
So we hang with and bang with every language even though we speaking that Spanglish like
Dimelo loco, tato let's go, vamonos we out here, oh
Mi amigos y yo unidos from the West Side to the East Coast, so
Ain't nobody repping like this, what
Unashamed the name of my clique, yup
Todos los dias, hermanito, dale ya tu sabe

[Hook] + [Bridge]

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
I’m on my uno (uno), uno (uno), seis
You know my crew bro
Unashamed since '02 bro, before the 116 tattoos bro
Now you don’t really know if you got time like that
To hear the truth and fellas never mind like that
But we ain't ashamed of but then again spit it how we live it so we get it on a grind like that
From Tejas and that’s Texas, ATL’s where I'm resting
Said I might catch a plane to rep for my King, Puerto Rico’s on my checklist
Boricuas, Cubanos, perdonen mi español
Aqui con mis hermanos, to give Jesus to these VATOS
I pop up-no heater, all about the blood and body-fresh eater
Used to be the Walking Dead but that season ended, now partner I'm a believer


[Verse 3: Lecrae]
Uno uno seis, boy
You know we don’t play, boy
Spit a lot of truth they call it the good news put it all up in your face boy
Catch us on arroz con frijoles with some tostones
We ain't worried bout folks thinkin we phony
Jesus know me, deja
Know where I’m going and know what I'm doing
And only Yeshua got a raggity due
You part of the movement that you gotta pursue
Holla 1-1-6 if you rep the truth!

[Verse 4: Andy Mineo]
Holla 1-1-6 if you rep the truth!
Set the booth ablaze, the face can take a trip to force the wedges opposite we choose
Thank you because you gave us news that’ll break them chains, that will make us new!
Mira mi cara, I don’t gotta pay nada, he took them hits like piñatas, hallelujah the father
Encuerpo y mis palabras, le voy a dar alabanza
1-1-6 be my partners, in God we trust not them dollars


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