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"Live & Let Live"

[Produced by: Statik Selektah]

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Oh yes he love her like Egyptian
Grew up thinkin pimpin was his best position
'Til his princess caught him slippin and now his heart is missin
First date had him feelin like a kid again
Second date got him wishin it would never end
Now his boys got him feelin insecure tellin him nah
A pimp should be cold as the Netherlands
But now he deep in love, can't wait to see his love
But he was taught dont trust these chicks
'Matta fact he should just flee this love
So he ain't take her, heartbreaker, went back to the hood
He smokin on that good good like a playa would
Malt liquor, more richer, couple gold diggers
He found her picture starts to wonder if theres room in it
Feels like its all a movie, and he just played himself
He let this false image blemish his soul, enslaved himself
But God help him, he's full of these false images
That got him scared to love, and got him scared to live
Yeuh, can't he just live ya'll?

I just want to live, and let live
I want to live, and let live
Love and let love, not die

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
This world is poison, I call her Ivy
And I be Michael Bivins
She uses dead men, and makes em feel as if they livin
We met when we was kids, I liked the things she did
She kept me laced with now-and-latas and some lemonheads
When we got older, she got colder, playin hard to get
But truth be told it was my heart I had a problem with
I'm in my teens and green, but she was even greener
And funny how when I was broke, I hardly ever see her
But years later we together more consistent
But I don't want to love her so I keep her at a distance
It ain't her fault it's that I'm prone to be a slave
So before I love the money, I give her all away


[Verse 3: Lecrae]
As a youngin I just wanted to breath easy
God had left me on this earth, I pray he never leave me
Seen somethings I shouldn'tve seen, done some stuff I shouldn'tve did
Why it take me 20 years to meet my daddy other kids
Should I do what my brother did
Maybe I should chuck that deuce to the spiritual truth
Pop a bot of grey goose let loose don't nobody want the truth
Tell lies when they get up in the booth
But I taught that love that peace that God made me for a reason
That's why im still breathin
I just wanna live
But I can't do that without hollerin out JESUS
They ain't gon feel me oh well
Touché new day yea I think when I rap but I ain't Lupe, I'm Lecrae
And I just wanna live but I can't do that if I care what you say my soufflé
It's 3 parts God with a whole lotta heart so it go hard
Do need bread but I ain't gon love it
Tough it up, stuck it and ya end up dead
Nuff said

Ay man if you a slave to somethin, you ain't livin
Unless you a slave to God, baby

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