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"Nothing Left to Hide"

Lyrics from snippet:

Uh, I got too much to say but haven't said enough
I called the music business bluff, I ain't famous enough
Huh, who cares if they think I'm saved enough
Grace is sufficient, my blood donor gave enough
And they be tripping when they see a Christian
Like we over-religious and trying to bring conviction
They be waking up without a hope in sight
I turned to Christ on my darkest night
I ain't homophobic or anti-semitic
So give me a lil' credit 'fore you give me edits
People see my faith in the cross as a loss
But I can't see me dying, bein' superstitious, yeah
And I ain't the picture of perfection
I lose my direction, I be cussin' and drinkin'
But I ain't forgot the resurrection
Only source of hope 'fore I made them oppositions

[Chorus: Gwen Bunn]
Say I will, say I won't
Don't you ever doubt it, ever doubt it
How I live is how I live
Thought you knew

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