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"Where’s Dad?"

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Late to a concert cause of my dad
Sent me a birthday card when I was nine
Left my mom when i was born
Felt like I had committed a crime
Eventually I almost did time
Never had that father figure
To teach me how to wear my church clothes
Now he's dead,don't know if he heard my tracks
But "Just Like You" was meant for him and all dads who would listen

[Verse 2: Derek Minor]
No child left behind
Thats a lie that we tell our kids
As Christians we should tell the truth
Look at these cowardly fathers who leave their homes
Right now,we don't think this problem is bad
But no son,no one should ever ask
Where's Dad? when times are sad
[Verse 3:J-Train]
Yeah! We all have daddy issues
At least 1 song about it
This is mine,I intend to make it right
But sometimes it doesn't benefit my life
I found a Dad who will never leave me
And salvation is in Him
Thank you,Jesus!

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