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"Facts | #VerseSundays"

They didn't know the damage of these studio bars
Would be like Gambit with his hands full of Yu-Gi-Oh cards
I Got trap in the deck
Boombap tracks that are set to explode
Barred up with a charged up staff in the fist
Start with slap on the wrist
Then go toe-to-toe with an open smile
Poster child glow with a scope of styles
Come get a dosage
Flow is dope and as cold as the closest ocean to Nova Scotia
Noticed Oprah throwing dough to provoke a close up
But they don't know whether that's true or make believe
Can't make em see my views
Cuz I ain't the dude from the maple leaf
But they’ve been cautious
The proof is in the truth, they out of options
Still they wanna diagnostic, no absolutes
So lay up in the key in brink of God’s plan
I was banking on the 3
Like some Kingdom Hearts Fans
We can talk, but dang, if you say my stance will fail
Just know this rapper saved, Ain't no chance in hell
Now come to Church
Or get that work
But You might regret ever taking score
Might just face the form of a Jason Bourne that's been graced to war
I Run the gun with the strength of Thor
So if you thinking you can drop the hammer
To harm the banner, we brought the gamma
You stand up, but our stamina game ain’t won the fight
Goku of sudoku, I'm just sayin' get your numbers right
I'm just sayin' God got me coming out the pocket
Pray I'm Keeping it 100 like I'm plugged up to a socket
I'm charged up
Meet the sharpest tool in the shed
Sure, I can turn some heads
Get some ninjas star struck like a Shiruken to the chest/
And to best you in a rap
But when there’s nothing to address
Where’s the message up in that?

Yeah, Facts (facts)

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