"Saturday Night"

[Intro: Jozzy]
Is this real?
This is all unknown
Makes me feel
Is this real?
Going down and back and forth
And all these ways it makes me numb now
I can't feel
Is this real?

[Verse: Lecrae]
Here I am in the club again, yeah
Caged like Wrestle Mania
Girls want a rapper, ain't he one?
Dudes want a macadamia

Never had love for none of the drugs
But I wonder, can the fame be one?
I don't know none of these people
But order some drinks, let's numb the pain with them

And I probably look content, I mean I made a couple hits, I know celebs and all
And what I wear could pay the rent, but on the inside I'm sick
I know I'm bound to fall

I'm chasin' the world and its pleasures
Careful about what you treasure

Can you put 24's on a Tesla?
I wonder the best ways to measure
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