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"After the Music Stops"

I got a question
After the show
After the set
After the music stops
What's next?
Are we just writing songs?
Or are we concerned with
Uniting a people
To follow the Great Commission of Christ

[Verse 1]
Back in the day I was a lunch line rapper
After that I guess I was a punchline rapper
Then I got saved and sometime after
Ya boy came back as a frontline rapper
And when I say the frontlines
That's not a front line
I’m out here preaching Christ on the frontlines
And, no it ain't about rocking stages
Cause some of my engagements are out on the pavement
I'm out to take the Bible
Create disciples
Who make disciples
Disciple cycles
That's why I want the beats to knock
So after the music stops
You can meet the Rock
I pray
That you would know Him well
This is like show-and-tell
It's more than a show
I'm showing you Emmanuel
So yeah I’m hoping that you're liking the flow
But it's only so you could know the God I’m writing it for
Let's go

After the show
After the set
After the music stops
What's next?
Will there be fellowship?
Will you open your Bibles?
After the music stops
After it’s over
After it ends
After the music stops
What then?
Will you understand that Christ is King?
Or will you just like the words we sing?
After the music stops

[Verse 2]
I recorded a couple songs
Some fast, some slow
So the listeners would know
The importance of the show
The importance of the show's
Not to excite these folks
But make God's truth relevant
Ignite these folks
Discipleship is our call
But we make disciples
This is not a suggestion
Create disciples
The teaching is a process
It's not overnight
And it’s not a stage and a mic
Nah it's life on life
Christ walked with twelve
Ate with twelve
Talked to twelve
Shaped the twelve
Invested in 'em well
You could say that He made the twelve
Who made many more
Who made plenty more
Now it's on you and me
If there's anymore
One teach, two teach
Three teach, four teach
Five teach, six teach
Seven teach, more
This is what we've been commissioned
It's the reason why I write
So that you could hear the truth
Not so you can say I’m tight


[Verse 3]
So we write this for the right to speak on what's righteous
And then we might check for a culture who likes the hypeness
Some say we keep it krunk
Some say we hype man
We just wanna pump the resurrection of the Christ man
We in the 'burbs, in the hoods that's hostile
We share a common view like Synoptic Gospels
And you know we keep a couple young dudes around us
And teach 'em the same truths God used to ground us
This is a lifestyle, so when the mic's down
I pray people follow Christ, when they turn the lights down
I pray that everybody playing this song
Will be challenged by everything I had to say in this song
I don’t do this for the money, I don’t do this for fame
I don’t do this so the industry can know my name
I do this in hopes to glorify Yeshua the King
If you’re feeling me you know you should be doing the same

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