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"Tell the World - Remix by Tyshane"

[Hook: Mali Music]
Now, I'mma
Now, I'mma tell the world, tell ‘em
I'mma tell it everywhere I go
Tell the world, tell ‘em
Yeah, I’m a billboard
Tell the world, tell ‘em
And I’m broadcastin' like a radio
Tell the world
You oughta know, I’m brand new

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
I know one thing’s true, I don't even really deserve to know you
But, I’m a witness that you did this, and I'm brand new
So, I'm ready to go
And I'mma tell the world what they need to know
A slave to myself, but you let me go
I tried getting high but it left me low
You did what they could never do
You cleaned up my soul and gave me new life, I'm so brand new
And that’s all that matters
I ain't love you first, but you first loved me
In my heart I cursed you, but you set me free
I gave you no reason to give me new seasons, to give new life, new breathing
But you hung there bleedin' and you died for my lies and my cheatin'
My lust and my greed
What is a man that you mindful of him?
And what do I have to deserve this lovin'?

[Pre-Hook: Mali Music]
Tryna make the moments last
Holdin' onto the past
But like a hero in a dream
Christ came and he rescued me


[Verse 2: Lecrae]
I can't offer you nothin'
But your care and kindness keep comin'
And your love is so unconditional, I get butterflies in my stomach
I got the old me in the rear-view
Now the new me, got a clear view
And I was so dead, I couldn't hear you
Too deep in sin to come near you
But you drew me in, you cleaned me up
So take me home, beam me up
Before you do, just let me tell the truth, and let these folks know that I done seen your love
And it's everlasting, infinite
It goes on and on, you can’t measure it
Can’t quench your love, they can’t separate us from the love of God, there's no estimate
My face look the same, my frame ain't rearranged
But I’m changed, I promise I ain't the same
Your love’s so deep you suffered and took pain
You died on the cross to give me a new name
Ain't nothing like I've seen before, I got a beaming glow
I was low, down and dirty, but you cleaned me Lord
You adopted me, you keep rockin' me
I'mma tell the world, and ain't nobody stopping me


[Hook] (x2)

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