1950 lyrics

King Princess

[Verse 1]
I hate it when dudes try to chase me
But I love it when you try to save me

‘Cause I'm just a lady (Ah)
I love it when we play 1950
It's so cold that your stare's 'bout to kill me
I'm surprised when you kiss me

So tell me why my Gods look like you
And tell me why it's wrong

So I'll wait for you, I'll pray
I will keep on waiting for your love
For you, I'll wait
I will keep on waiting for your

[Verse 2]
Did you mean it when you said I was pretty?
That you didn't wanna live in a city
Where the people are sh*tty?

I like it when we play 1950
So bold, make them know that you're with me

Stone cold, will you miss me?

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