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Jay Rock

"Certified Live"

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
I just poured up like four zips
One-double-O like four grips, gangster and you know this
Just took a Vegas trip, Caesar's Palace, stabbing your b*tch
Finna go trick off your cheese, p*ssing off these police
I'm big dope drinking, make sure my eighty-four stinking
Haters can't contest, just K.Y.S., I suicide that Lincoln
Broad day, all day, crack rock in my hallway
I was sixteen serving sixteens off fifteen from Broadway
Hard yay, got a n*gga thugging out that UGK tape
n*ggas 'bout that sh*t and we hit our first lick, with a little deuce deuce and a tre eight
And b*tch my pack just hit the mail, I'ma get that scale, I can't wait
n*gga for all this rap sh*t, these n*ggas plastic claim they Gs but they ain't
It's Gangsta Gibbs, b*tch

[Hook x2: G-Wiz]
n*gga f*cked your b*tch and left it wetter, mane
Staying on my G and about my cheddar, mane
Rapper slash feet in the dope game
Certified live from the land of the gang bang

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
It's Rock
Eighty-seven cut, dog
Oh no, I ain't got Mercedes
Haters out there tryna take me
Pop the trunk or pop a crazy
Like a barber keeping them extra clippers
Drop 'bout eighty, I drive 'em crazy when I deliver
Mind your business we living life and just stacking riches
Picture me rolling on my phone, scrolling through pus*y pictures
pus*y n*gga, you in the way, so just step aside
You can't swim with these sharks, you drowning all in your pride
We moving with killers in broad day
It's a cold world, keeping them heaters on all day
All day, oh yeah we riding with them clappers
Cause them b*tch-ass n*ggas praying on us heavy like some pastors
And them feds tryna have our phone tapped
Like some dirty-ass water out the faucet, out the trap
Jay Rock, Freddie Gibbs, 'bout to kill it, hide your feelings
If you show your hands then we gunning and you finished

[Hook x2: G-Wiz]

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