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Jay Rock

"Vice City (Freestyle)"

[Intro: Kendrick Lamar]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Two-two, what's the deal homeboy?

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Big money, big booty b*tches, man that sh*t, we gon' death of me
You see me on TV thinking "oh, TDE got the recipe"
I cut, call me K. Dot and this is Jay Rock and y'all rest in peace
All the rappers they be talking about, bust right now we gon' IP
Hold up, I said hold up
You thinking oh what? You can't talk about it
If you want to see us come around and move the crowds out
Because we got the loudest
L.A., we in the streets right here
n*ggas seen God in projects
Everybody in this crowd right now, go and tell me about that prospect

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Fall in this b*tch
Like some good pus*y, can't stand myself
So good, she so hood
She a cheesehead, patty melt
GED with some EBTs, and some DVDs
That sh*t was happening
She reel me in with some chicken wings
And some collard greens, that sh*t was brackin'
Just cracked me a new b*tch
Bust a new nut on her n*gga's jersey
My b*tch get off at 9 o'clock
So I had to shake her 'round 7:30
105, I'm stomping fast
With these big guns, I'm hella dirty
Get caught with this sh*t
I ain't comin' home 'til like 2030

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