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Jay Rock

"Go K.Dot (Freestyle)"

I told 'em that the truth was comin' n*ggas
Hey Punch, cover me I'm goin' in

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
I used to be sceptical about this rap sh*t
Now I'm a professional at this rap sh*t
Cause one verse can make the paralysed backflip
Don't compare guys to me, if Jesus could rap
They'd compare God to me, I'm special like that
I move like a freight train over these tracks
Run through you like wet doodle, that's what I'm doin'
sh*ttin' on n*ggas, perform bowel movements
Who you, you ain't up to par keeler
Nah keeler, you're word patterings is kinda off keeler
You ain't sick enough, you just a cough keeler
I bring pneumonia to California
Say hello to Mr. West now
Who's the best on the west now?
K.Dot, Jay Rock hands down
Anybody that feel different
You die first class on a cemetery visit, keeler

Keep it runnin' Punch
I told n*ggas the truth is comin' man
Hey Top put a couple houses on your boy man
I got your sh*t right here

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
I'm so far ahead of my time
I'm 'bout to start my third life
sh*t I feel like I've died already twice
Then reincarnated and become your unborn grandchild's favourite
I got three brains to play with
I'm so far ahead of my time
I gotta say this sh*t again
But this time I came back
Double time, rebirth as a twin
Feet first I'm a mother smooth
Like deja vu, times two, now
You could probably dodge a bullet
But see we put your body parts in shopping carts
Till them bums push it
You on the edge n*gga don't push it
'Fore the fifth turn you head crooked
I sit your monkey ass down
And best believe, it won't be on no damn cushion
A casket full of thorn bushes
Move the sh*t while the fiends look
Call the cops, shush
[?] trying to c*ck me
You fight the case better off the street
Daddy glove boxin, left hook the judge
Cap the jury up
You walkin' out with a Jefferson strapped
Like, if I come back, so what
It's a fact I rap like every second I gotta throw up
Ouch, spit sh*t like dookie mouth
Pull out the drop, six whenever your b*tch out
We put her on the ave, like cabs and bus route
We put you on the couch, ice cream with your face pout
Watchin' Oprah, wonderin' if she ever come back over
Nah homie she at the crib, makin' her feet touch her shoulders
I'm in her ribs like, hey what's up
She in my closet talkin' bout how much these cost
Don't worry 'bout it, just make sure you tell your girls about it
You know Kelly, Kim, Sherry and Shirley 'bout it
Mama, you can see you f*cking with a boss
Look at my kicks, you could see how much these cost
Look at my teeth, yeah ma, gold no floss, yeah
We still doin' it baby
Top Dawg we keep doin' it baby
I'm a boss n*gga

This sh*t is f*ckin' fond of me, Punch man
I tell motherf*ckers the truth is comin' man
It's so f*ckin' real man
Oh man
It's like a routine
When I step on the scene
Pack a [?] full of lean

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