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Jay Rock

"The Call 1"


Watts Finest we back in here
Top Dawg Entertainment
Hey man, I'ma call my n*gga Jay Rock real quick
My name gonna be [?] or some bullsh*t, check it out
Hey you got this n*gga number?
You got this n*gga number for a quarter?
Call this n*gga up real quick man

Hello is Jay Rock in?
(Yeah this me, what's up who is this?)
This is Wade
Wade, Wade
Wade, my name is Wade
(Oh Wave)
Yeah Wave
(What's happenin')
Hey man, I was just listening to your new mixtape, Watts Finest Volume 2
(Where you was listenin' to it at)
Man they're passing these sh*ts out like hot cakes man
(What you say?)
They're passin' 'em out like hot cakes
(Passin' 'em out?)
Yeah, I'm down here, I'm down here, you know where 44th and Lenox is?
(Uh-uh I don't know that sh*t)
Well I'm down here and they're just giving 'em away, for free
(For real?)
Yeah, your music is incredible dude
(Yeah it's good listening my n*gga)
Yeah man, I seen your page on Myspace too, incredible, incredible dude
(Well that's good lookin' my n*gga)
Man, man, man, I was talkin' to you on Myspace, you don't remember me?
(What you say?)
I was talkin' to you on Myspace, you don't remember me?
(Nah, oh I gotta look at it my n*gga)
Check it out man, you gave me your phone number and everything
(Oh yeah?)
How you think I'm callin' you dude?
([?] my n*gga)
Come on, Mr Rock, I'm an admirer of your music, and I really think you're just an incredible guy man
Your music is, you and that guy K.Dot, ohhhh
Man that tag team is, terrific
(Hehehehe [?] my n*gga)
Nobody's playin' Mr Rock
I sort of wanted to say, I don't wanna take too much of your time up Mr Rock
I know you're a very a busy guy, so
I just wanted to tell you though, just keep it going
Keep the gangsta sh*t bumping, and we're gonna make some money, huh
([?] my n*gga)
Feel what I'm talkin' about dawg? Yeah? With me? With me?

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