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Jay Rock

"Cruel Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Yeah, Kendrick Lamar, tone what up,check it out
As the day go I let the beat rock
Then put my thoughts inside the cradle, hip hops
God Father plant the seed, you should be my son
And if you n*ggas hot, I guess I am the sun
I'm a degree away from global warming, this a warning
Shot like I knew Big but I'm enormous
I hear an Instrumental then I turn to Norman
So go tell ‘em I killed it you f*cking informant
I’m always performing
Like it’s my last morning
Before I sit with the Lord and see my mother mourning
I’m in the air with it like a new pair of Jordans
Ground level never been important when I walk the earth
Walk to church bishop said he lost his Bible this time
Told me that he need a verse, I blessed him with a couple of lines
Bear hugged a few bears, wrestle with a couple of lions
That’s the imagery I delivery when I f*ck a rhyme…
f*ck off, Kendrick Lamar

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]

Jay Rock motherf*ckers you know what comes after that
My town I rep it till im off this map
Watts City, Eastside baby
Chillin in the bricks with bricks looking for fifty
It’s still in my blood, n*gga it’s all natural
Welcome to L.A gangbang Capital, Still rocking my colours I wasn't sworn in it
I ain't a millennium baby,look I was born in it
Bless the beat when I speak everytime, cocaine bars that tweakin off every line
I’m in deep space now when I write, no pen no pad in my mind when I write
Flow bolder than a cold on a polar bear, shhh im the one that this rap n*ggas fear
You can’t do me, this game’s like an ocean catch a n*gga floating on the top like a boat…Rock!

[Verse 3: Microphone Tone]
Lil Watts lil Compton in the dash of the East
Kendrick Lamar, Rock, and Tone put you back in your seat
A natural beat
Got me like a savage and beast
The rap game start to look like an immaculate feast
I'm back in this piece
So listen when the package complete
Join the cause or hit the hills when disaster released
The passion in me
Got me spittin' accurately
So the realest MC is what I happen to be
You can vibe wit it or move back
These new jacks gettin blue black
With boom bap I proved that
Know my Golden State affiliates can prove that
On my menace sh*t Long Beach Venice sh*t
Primitive the way I crafted this all the penmanship
It's intricate now go and start the sirens
My microphone's on the flow is sparking violence
We the best duo out since Bo and Marcus Allen

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