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Jay Rock

"Sour Face"

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Do I have to rob Peter just to pay Paul
Just to get a blessing and to get my point across?
Play the game to win, get the money and the cars
pus*y come free when you handle business like a boss
In that GS regal, watch me swang it like a Porsche
One for sitting hard, knockin' pictures off the wall
b*tch I'm out here doggin', and I got 'em droppin' charges
Used to push the great white like I was swimmin' with the sharks
I was dead broke, tell 'em presidents they resurrected
And my dead pockets they was lifeless 'til I sold them records
I'm in the magazine posing with my n*gga
Double XL, YSL on a n*gga
I'm so high, I could bring hell on a n*gga
Lifetime bars no bail for a n*gga
b*tches keep head and that tail for a n*gga
Think I sold my soul away, this ice fell on a n*gga

[Bridge: Childish Gambino]
Play this in your car, give 'em sour face
Play this, play this in the club, give 'em sour face
n*gga, when they hear it, that's that sour face
n*gga lookin' at me crazy, that's that sour face

[Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
Ring the alarm, Comme des Garçons
Lunch with a bunch of my n*ggas at the pond
Bowflex like a dummy, instrumental hungry
Places that I'm stayin' got more whites than all my laundry
Life of a Kennedy, James Dean roll out
Summer spent in places most my people never know about
Gettin' mama new house, for now I'm f*ckin' wearin' it
Fourth of July, b*tch, my sh*t be so American
Bless the chick I'm marryin', keep the whole estate intact
Bless the son I didn't have, sprayed 'em on her lower back
Focus on them roaches, I ain't never goin' back
Wine is so precocious, sippin' on somebody's yacht
Real money's never seen, whole thing classic
Think about in 10 years, change your whole mindset
Back when I would still sweat five Gs
Back when I was hookin' up with Ali Brie—stunt!
Yeah, it's East Side forever, b*tch
Hate mail comin' from these n*ggas who was never rich
Or never poor, or never fly
Or seen somebody get wet up outside of Golden Glide
Hot 107, nine dreams when I run through
Man, that's fam, Steve, Swank, that's the whole crew
Monster like a muppet, wallet Warren Buffett
Camp was last year but I ain't ever have to rough it
Lookin' fresh from the McFlys up
You don't know about 'em, better wise up
Busy with them rollers, I don't carry mine
(Busy with them rollers, I don't carry mine)

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