Sinéad Harnett

"All That You Are"

All that you are
Show me all that you are

[Verse 1]
You told me that you're not at your best
Pressure's got the better and you're on the edge
When nothing's right, I'll be what's left
So don't you take it out on me or love me less

On the same side, but your pride won't let me be
When you're weak, you never want me to know
So we go from two lovers to enemies
All because you're just too scared to show

All that you are, I wanna see
Show me your scars, don't hide from me
Fall in my arms, they'll set you free
'Cause I wanna be beside you, beside you

All that you are

[Verse 2]
Tension's building up in the air (The air)
Powered by the need in you to always compare
But picking me apart, it ain't fair
You're always looking for something that isn't there
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