"People Suck (2020 Remix)"

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out today (yeah, yeah, yeah)
See, there's so many stupid people, and they always in the way
I hate people (yes I do), I hate people 'cause people suck, man (hey, hey, hey)
People suck, and they keep on f**king sucking (remix!)

People suck, people suck, people suck (I don't like y'all)
People suck, people suck, people suck (It's not my fault)
They say what goes around comes back around
But sometimes, you get f**ked
'Cause people suck, people suck, people suck

[Verse 1]
Yeah, ey welcome to life on Earth
It got f**ked sideways with a virus birth
Good to see SARs and MER Flu got a little baby brother
Bubonic with the plague, throwback to the mother
Hey, China, looks like you learned a few things
How diseases can lead to a powerful regime
We got smallpox, measles, typhus and cholera
But slavery may be the one thing you still got on us
Uh, somebody free Hong Kong
'Cause the NBA ain't gone say sh*t (am I wrong?)
Walk around paranoid with the sweat in my palms
Told myself, "the world don't need another pandemic song"
sh*t, I don't know who to believe
Trump don't listen to the WHO or the CDC
And, sh*t, who needs Koolaid when we got chlorine?
Somebody, call Putin for the vaccine
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