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"Panoramic Shiftin'"

Yeah, Yeah, woah woah woah, yeah, yeah

Wrist water drippin' (yeah)
Diamonds on me glistenin' (yeah)
Panoramic Shiftin' if you lose me then you trippin' (woah woah yeah)
Smoke some good gas but I'm never ever sippin'
Ride your own wave I don't want you out here slippin' (No)

[Verse 1]
You can have them ho's, won't find someone like me (me)
That's gon' hold you down and give you all this loyalty (yeah)
You be on the road (road)
I see you on yo grind (grind)
You couldn't have my trust
You wasted all this time
Everybody riding waves I'm just f*cking with the motion
I can only be myself that's why I'm deep up in the ocean (yeah)
I'm a boss, boss up and just flex
All these ho's is hatin' 'cause they know that I'm up next (yeah)

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