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"Highway (That Way) [Demo]"

[Verse 1]
I've got my baggage and you've got yours
I know we've been damaged, we've been through war
You know that feeling just you get just before a beautiful disaster
Right on the top
Looking down from the terrifying rolling roller coaster

Oh, baby, can you hear the sound?
My broken heart's beating faster now
In your arms
But broken hearts are easier to harm

Lay down
Lay down your head on my shoulder
Lay down, lay down your heavy emotions
I love you too much, too much to stay
You'll be on my mind when I'm running away
When I'm speeding down the highway
Speeding down the highway

[Verse 2]
This is much bigger than you and I
Love is so sick, love is suicide, oh-ph
I'll sing you a song, close your pretty eyes
I like you hear you breathing
I put your cologne in my bags
It the only memory I'm keeping
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