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Kevin Rudolf

"She Can Get It"

Yeah she don´t stop
She working' it all about
She moves it around the clock
And she can get it, sh-sh-she can get it
Don´t quit, the way that she moves it
She´s making me lose my grip
And she can get it, sh-sh-she can g-g-get it

She knows just what she likes
No matter what the price
She got me hurtin' bad
Perfect tan, working' out
Looks like a million cash, well
Let me fill your glass
And there was money in the bed

She puts in overtime
And on those slow grinds
She gets a hustle of lupatans, buckle up
But I got that attitude
She got the right moves
Lets put the working' baby, up
And down the avenue

T-t-turn around and cut u in a blink of an eye
Yeah you know she always get what
She wants (HELL YEAH)
And yeah it´s so amazing how
She´s putting me down
Is this love, is this love, is this love? (huh)

(Chorus x 2)
Yeah she don´t stop (Ohhh)
Just don´t stop (Ohhh)
G-g-g-g-get it

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