​pink cig & emo fruits


[Chorus: ✦pink cig✦]
She heard the songs I wrote about her
Now she hates my guts
I've seen people trippin' less while they on angel dust
Either way you'd always say I'll never be enough
Don't forget that you're the reason I don't give a f**k

[Verse 1: ☋EMO FRUITS☋]
Drugs I'm tastin', cars I'm racin'
Cocaine laced it, still gon' face it
They won't think I'll make it
But b*t*h I'm bouta make it
I don't think she love me
But in my bed she naked
Dyin' 'cause it hurt too much
Cryin' 'cause she hate my guts
She don't care I'm in her guts
Shawty catch my angel dust

Drugs I'm tastin', cars I'm racin'
Cocaine laced in, still gon' face it
I don't really got friends
I don't really got you
Yeah you tell me that it hurts
But drugs they be helping you
Yeah you trippin' off of sh*t
Yeah I'm trippin' off of you
Yeah I'm all in your head
Yeah you're all in mine too
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