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"RN Freestyle"

Big mask and the hoodie on me right now
Got the bag with the goodies on me right now
A lite 6 racks on me like right now
No deal where the f*ck I get cash how
Right now I'm a kick a freestyle I don't write now

Got the mask and the hoodie on me right now
Long pipe you want woody boi right now
Big stick on me walkin lick a lick homie
I got like 50 on me come and get it right now
I be stand-in under the street light now
Little boi want beef I'm like how
6’ 1” 250 will fight clowns
And when he fall down kick the boi lights out
You can talk you can say what you like now
Big nuts will shoot when its light out
You don't say what you really be like now
What I write that's my real f*ckin life now

You can rap you can act like right now
I don't do that I won't do that no not now
If my mans go ahead and fly a kite now
I be comin through your window when its nite now

Free my little brother black like right now
pus*y Raymond you a rat boi right now
Free OG J like right now and he yell 7 mile when he throw the dice down
And you know I'm from that Flint town
And you know Ill knock your b*tch down
Shout out to Buddy Mob and free him now
I need 100 molly right now

(I ain't never did a feature now)

Tatts on my body like right now
Big shotty on my body like right now
And she think I'm John Gotti like right now
Cuz I pull an armed robbery like right now
Fake Loui on your sleeve like right now
Fake Gucci on your feet like right now
Fake jewels in your piece like right now
I robbed your ass and I had to throw your ice out
Balenciagas on my feet like right now
di*kie pants no crease like right now
Ol Ski mask heat like right now
Give it right now
Give it up right now
9 on me right now
Pull up on me right now
Snub on me right now
Plug owe me right now

Right now
Free Lil Dike like right now
Free Eshayai like right now

I musta threw a lite 15 like right now
I was up in Magic City like right now
Hit the ATM and I'm like right now
All my family from the south like right now
That's why I got a sh*tty mouth like right now
Black teeth in my mouth like right now
White chick on my teller not now
Big bag and I make it flip right now
Got a bag don't mean sh*t right now
Love cash more than you love life now
I takem both like a thief in the nite now

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