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"Side Hoe"

That's my side hoe she so thick tho
That sometimes I forget that she your b*tch tho
Y'all got kids bro that's what it is
And I'm foul because I keep her out six tho
That's my side ho

She say do you love me no
I love when we be f*ckin tho
I gave my heart to my sisters and them some wild b*tches

She like the insides of the hotel rooms
I like her insides tho there's damn near no room
I mite get her that dress but I ain't her groom
I mite get her hair done cuz she my pet my dude

That's my side chick
Met when we was kids
She was on the block cuz she too young to strip
We would ride around and wed get pulled over
Shed open up her bag and be like hand it over
She a real rider let the boys inside her
Eyes like Elvira
Keys and were minors
Her jeans got them pliers
Her truck got them tires
Her bag got my fire
Her man stand beside her
You little trashy somethin
You little nasty somethin
You actually fronting you never had you nothin
You never blast you nothin
You never stash you nothin
You little ashy something bast*rd
All the talkin and tryin don't get through to you
I got news for you what is you gon do
When all that pillow talkin catch up to you
Like when you finally find out what she really up to

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