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I thought I had a dream like I was the king
I thought I had a dream I could give you anything
I thought I had a dream you and I were there
I thought we had a dream turns out it was a nightmare

Oooo lordy lordy lordy
A buck 80 it gets hard to see Is this a something is it make believe
Am I steering is it steering me
Would you be my baby would you really maybe when its cold outside

I thought I had a dream I could tell you anything
Whatchu you think I means when I said you was everything
I didn’t get you bracelets to get you to keep secrets
Diamonds seemed to suit you was a queen sh*t
Cinderella story they ain't get the whole script
You went from rags to riches to a disloyal b*tch
I never put you in nobody business
I kept you hidden I ain't want you on no hit list
Cuz I got enemies and if they can't get to me
They gonna find you cuz this game ain't got no rules
It wasn’t that I could or couldn’t protect you
But anyone can get touched and they finessed you
My guy said it was you that dropped the information
Whether you knew or you didn’t now my dog w Satan
I thought you were Juliet you a Desdemona
You know how this story ends hoe you a goner
I'm the one who gotta do it
I'm my brothers keeper don't it
This gon hurt me more than it hurt you won't it

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