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"Japan Freestyle"

And I got a boner and I bet you feelin' that
Smokin' di*k like I'm a stoner, too bad I ain't smokin' crack, ayy, what?
What? What? MCM, my backpack
Huh, big ol' ass, oh my God, I'ma clap that
Bring it back, huh, sit all on my di*k, huh, ayy
Ass fat, Nicki Minaj, holy sh*t, huh, ayy
Sticky, uh, got that sticky, uh
Grippin' on my di*k like 6ix9ine blicky, uh
n*ggas f*ckin' wit' me, uh, that n*gga sixty, uh
And he gon' hit me, uh (He gon' hit me, uh), ayy
Ridin' the di*k like it's a Chevy, ayy
b*tch, you tryna f*ck, b*tch, I don't know, I think I'm ready, ayy
n*ggas really scary, ayy, that n*gga like eighty-eight
If you ain't gon' f*ck then run my fade
Ayy, ayy, killin' n*ggas, GTA
With my di*k when I put that sh*t all in yo' face
Hey, holy sh*t, ayy

[Outro: SVRITE]
Swagged up, swagged up

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