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"Fresh Freestyle"

Pssh, pssh, pssh-pssh
Yuh, yuh

b*tch, I pull up to yo' block with my muhf*ckin’ Glock
b*tch, I got a bullet in it and it go right through yo' c*ck
b*tch, I'm f*ckin’ all these hoes, just kiddin', I f*ck boys
b*tch, I got hella dildos, n*ggas, I got toys
I be ridin' di*k every day, on the daily
My name is Jay, but all my n*ggas call me Bailey
When I'm on that di*k, I hop on it, b*tch, I go crazy
b*tch, I go stupid, got a dildo and I use it
I be suckin' di*k listenin' to my music

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