Jay Gwuapo

"100 Grand"

[Intro: Jay Gwuapo]
Uh, uh
DJ [?] on the six

[Chorus: Jay Gwuapo]
Give me one chance, time to do it right
We take a double C purses on the flight
And the way you're staring with all this new [?]
I can tell you blind, you looking at the light
Every time I ask you [?], you say I'm a dog
Look at me showing up every time I hit the club
Focus on bettering, but girl, I feel like giving up
[?], I can't get enough, that's a hundred grand

[Verse 1: KJ Balla]
It's a hundred grand, like breast, spending them with my man
I was trapping, I had to get it in they fold it in my hand
I told you that I love girl, but you don't understand
You tried to take over the world and put it in our hands
I'm thе man, don't I tell you n***as, just understand
[?] told me I won't bе sh*t, but I got another plan
Run up a man and bring my mom to the motherland
Back into the ceiling, don't pray [?: I know the word] to another man

[Verse 2: Jay Gwuapo]
The way you moving, I can tell that you're moving different
So I'ma kick to the side until I see some feelings
f**king with other n***as like you be chilling
And I been on to take a move, I been on a mission
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