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Modest Mouse


It was like this in 1999
It was like this in 1874
It was like this when you were a child
It was like this when I was a whore, well
They were amassing troops on the back of the isles
They were saying these things; they were all in denial
They were talking 'bout their own front lip
It smelled like, it smelled like sh*t
And they, they were eating popcorn out of a dish
They were saying, "I wish, I wish, I wish!"
I was buried there in 1999
I was left there; I left my old self behind
Still living but you know I'm not in denial
I said what I said, and I said this
"In 1918, things were better, when I was nothing but a sweater."

Now I'm born again as another man
I'm living on this in this foreign land
I used to be Angora, Angora fleece
Living all sound and I'd eat in peace
And no one knew, and no one cared
And you didn't know what you wanted there
It's not what you were thinking
Living as a resurrection, breathed out the cinnamon
And I was not to be confused
And in 1882, they still sold it to those f*cks
Things were going wrong from the beginning
And no one was losing and no one was winning
They just f*cked each other up

And in 1999, I was in a park in Chicago
Aw, that was right; He was like a father and he knew what he was saying
And wait, I'm not talking 'bout this bullsh*t
And I went to talk to the, the Italian boys who hung out there
They said that they would rather see me dead
Or at least not kept
They broke my jaw and I was left to thaw
I walked away and I called my Mom
I said, "Hell yeah! It sucked, yeah! I loved it!"
Break my jaw now

You bring on, you bring it on
You got your ring on your pretty little finger now
One thing you remembered
You were never even once being clever
And you were, were sleeping
You were sleeping when they're saying that there was a phone, yeah
Mistakes were made and I ended up in Florida
Things were not right, I didn't care though
(No matter) what you do, and what you become
Either way, you end up all dumb
That's all right with me now, that's all right with me now
Whether you want to see it

The troops, they were amassing on the porch
They wanted to be their own damn thorn
And in the court of (?) center
The things were better and no one's really tougher
You're talkin' loud, you're talkin' proud
You trumpin' now
Aw sh*t, well, you said then, what you meant then
What you did then was you wanted to have sex
You could not do, you could not do
You could not pull it out but you tried to
And you said, "Well, I don't need-
I don't need to wear myself a bikini tonight,"

It brings me to the embarrassment
I was sitting on a raft with the pond sediment
And they said, "Hell, yeah, oh hell, yeah!
You look naked as sh*t but you're drunk so you don't care!"

[Song ends]

[Isaac]: So if anyone's recording this show, if I could have a copy of that... please, 'cause it's the only time I'll ever hear it either

*gibberish* Don't ask me to speak f*ckin' English again! I'm in Canada, I speak Canadian, man

You know, that was about as dumb as it gets. Y'all just ignore that, drink a beer and forget it

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