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"Foreign Lingo"

What's wrong with these n*ggas?
I feel like the man
I count big figures
You know that I had six figures
(Woodley on the beat)
Oh that's who got the beat
Yeah we be talkin' big numbers
n*gga better not play (bang bang)
Pullin' on the street (ay, ay)
Right here on his street
I know you is
Look, check me out

I'll show a n*gga somthin', crop em' out with that stick
I know a rapper out here tellin', claiming he with the sh*t
He got me grippin' on this felon, yeah i'm mad as a b*tch
He in my DM, oh he tough, cappin' how he done spit
He on that ra ra ra ra, he just talkin' his sh*t
We come through fa fa fa fa, puttin' shots in the wind
If you done did it, why you speakin' bout' the sh*t you done did
Clip longer than yo lock, just to spit yo lil wick
I seen Lil Taylor lock his socket, knock off half of yo sh*t
I had the key to that b*tch heart, and now I lost it again
I can't even tell these hoes apart, i'm wondering whatchu with
I lost the key, then push the start, better ask Lil Dort how I pledge
They hit they lights, they tryna spin, shootin' don't even sped
I'm talkin' where do I begin, Boonk it won't even end
I heard them n*ggas that want smoke, they camping out willow bend
We in the Taco Bell parking plaza, ducked on the tent
We come thru droppin' tops, and body drops, we don't know who done did it
I let a n*gga take his last stand, right there where he sh*tted
He hidin damn ain't hard to find a n*gga when we come visit
I'm tired hearing all this opera music, RIP snitches
I copped a rover, open that b*tch up, right there in the trenches
Yo time is over jhit, just give it up, they ain't wanna listen
I'm sellin' [?] the clip then came with extensions
Oh you a janitor, he claimin' that he done caught me slippin'
Them 223's will hit yo body, knock the belt off yo britches
I ain't joinin' the Illuminati, cause I ain't banging no 6's
10 grand take care of that body, told em' handle yo business
You know we back to back, and switch the tags and duckin' the sentence
Got n*ggas mad, I f*ck with ace, but i'm ten toes on my pivot
I can't maneuver with the choppa, so i'm totin' the semi
A Russian cable holla doctor said, I think you the illest
For what he say, his balls away, I then put smoke in the chimney
That cake bake 10k, you gone rush to them fillings
If you cheat, then I cheat, i'm just matchin' yo energy
Got n*ggas cliquin', teamin' up, I hear they tryna get rid of me
I be laughing at these clowns, cause they really be kidding me
He was on E, I gassed him up, that was love from the city
Twenty-four million on ten percent, I guess it's love from the business
He signed a deal for 2 mil, i'm finna show him my titties
That's what she said, sh*t I just quote it, I just made it a lyric
This off my brain, I never wrote it, I just came how i'm feelin'
Nut on her face and now she tellin' me she seeing my children
Man I knew she was a monkey, cause she actin' all curious
This sh*t real, hit up yo bunker with a dagger and spear
I lost my VV in the air, now my smile chandelier
My circle tighter than a virgin, I don't f*ck with you squares
I ain't beefin' with no n*gga, stay ten miles from right here
Just like my last song, I had to put the pain in the rears
I'm poppin', adderall, it got me actin' all of them squares
He want publicity, I make you history, basaquer
She tryna get to me, she suckin' balls, and all that's a fear
Hold on listen b*tch here

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