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"Kriminal Minds"

I be higher than [?]
He booted up he making scenes now

Hold up wait a minute
Thought I was finished
My Glock clip came extended, come get some inches
20 diamonds permit, just ask the dentist
I'm f**king 'round with Kermit, he said he crippin'
I told him leap like he a frog
I knock them all down
This glizzy holding 50, still hold 100 rounds
That double D my titties
And they go all out
I'm f**king with forensics, oh that's that .40 Cal

[Verse 1:]
Stop the jit, they can't stop me
It's time to copy now
I fell off where the cliff at, guess I done tumbled down
I'm rich now with a big sack, you better not fumble 'round
[?] he got makeup on, that boy a f**king clown
Pin her down then I d**k her down, then I get [?]
f**k around with the f**k around, you gon' get f**ked around
Payed pu**y get f**ked now, n***as clicking up, making teams now
While my young n***a ball [?], n***as booting up making scenes now
Boot down n***a, shoot 'round n***a, shoot now n***a, Get [?] n***a, like to move round n***a, I don't f**k round with 'em
Me and my dog, you hit homie, I don't f**k with you n***a, f**k both of y'all, matter fact all of y'all, we gone go to war with ya
Back on the wall, but I'm standing tall, only 5'9 n***a
Taste of who, n***a taste off the what?
Come and swap my n***a
Straight headshots, but never mind that
We ain't straight my n***a
f**k her one time and I won't dub her back
You get once of the pickle
Shoot at they neck, I hit from the back, then pass her my n***a
Run up that sack and never look back, or go back to my trenches
The hood on my back, the 4th by the back, they know where we at
Charged up in the trap, we make some sh*t clap, or we gon [?] the sack
I done named tommy gun Hilfiger
I don't wanna deal with you
I don't rock shows, I kill n***as
It's blood when I step in them
I'm talking Christian Lou, not kill n***as
For the feds I done broke it down to you
If it's smoke, keep a hundred rounds with ya
I'm in the city now, I bring the town with me
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