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Genius Traductions Françaises

"HS87 - Only Right (French Translation)"

[Couplet 1: Oktane]
I can't see, I need glasses, of Henessy I need passion
We live in a world where it's easier for a dad to have a kid
Than it is for a kid to have a dad
And money makes all these women love you and haters' mad
They're mad at us cause we're making moves that they never have
But that's hard to care about when you got swag and extra cash
Turning good girls bad, mama told me about them women
Cause rats like cheese but never actually get it
Mouse trap, I see you, get off my level of free fall
You want a testicle like I got three balls, we're extra, n*gga
Holding thoughts at the same place you watch at
Cause I got more bars than the spots you take shots at
You gotta have a passion for something
If not, don't be asking for nothing
Until that money come in, I make my money stretch like doll scene
I'm all you n*ggas dad, you're offspring
You've all seen me with the same team, doing what you doubted
Chilling with your idols, never talking about it
I'm from that left side, that west side, that 87 HS side
When everyone of the best ride, now let's ride
Because my brother Hit took the throne, Price took the crown
Late night stand up for my n*ggas that stay down
Glasses up for the people that I ride with
Because the West is back and the IE revive it

[Refrain: K.Roosevelt]
We're gonna ride, less on me on tingle you
We're gonna shine, ain't got time, I got my dreams and that's all I need
We're gonna roll, you better believe I got money on me
Inspire, lift up the glass, cause it's only right

[Couplet 2 : Price]
I'm with my n*ggas strategizing how to take over the summer
Reminiscing on hunger, falling asleep to the thunder
Now I'm ordering Katana at the studio one hundreds
So much cash I'm abundant, I'm probably gonna tip the runner
Got your favorite centerfold blowing up my number
Saying she down to chill plus the liquor make you funner
Squad full of gunners, P1 drummers
I got n*ggas that cope for your team full of punners
I was told don't ever underestimate the dreamer
Watch them n*ggas that linger and never fall for a singer
Be careful who you scheme with and never point a finger
And now that boy buzzing like he equipped with a stinger
We're in here, B-O-Dub gang, my n*ggas is all here to stay
We've been here and never a n*gga could take it away
Like no other are making no way
Know what I do while I'm making the spray
Hit on my knees and I fall till I bleed and I pray to the God that I see a new day
What you say

[Refrain: K.Roosevelt]

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