Mind craft freestyle (Surpise song !) lyrics


[Intro: Maon]
Scary I Band!
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

Have you been to the store?
Do you want more?
Do you have a cake?
For a dog, eat a frog
Can you go? Can you speak
Have you been shopping on Halloween?
Have you got Black Friday?
That's my day, I go to Friday
I go to TGI Fridays, I buy a horse
I buy a cake, I buy a snake
I buy a lake, it's my lake
I have a heart
It's in my bones, I can groan
Can you go to the store on a day?
I can, my name's Mason
Aye, I can go to the store
Get some brine
Those are shrimp, I can lie
I can go to the sky, I just lied
High altitudes are not my thing
I can buy a diamond ring (I don't know)
I can jump and I can sing
Can you go to the store today
Can you buy a thing that goes on your facе
It's like a mask, coronavirus
It's happening
Back to school, Christas break
Back in thе lake, I have a snake

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