Mad Now

YK Osiris

(JD on the track)
I just want a bag b*t*h

Now a n***a mad now
Now I'm in my bag now (now)

Never try to play with me n***a get you slapped out (out)
Money on my mind so I've been going insane (yeah)
Know when I beat it, bet the neighbors know my name (yeah)
She go' f**k a n***a now because I'm lit, woah (woah)
I ain't mad, but I swear I'm mad rich though (woah)
I ain't drake, but I swear I keep like six woes (woah)
I ain't never leading no n***a I got it on my own

'Cause I don't wanna love nobody
I don't wanna trust nobody, but myself
'Cause I don't wanna take no more

I don't wanna be that type of n***a, f**k for love
But I'm a type of n***a play it cool, 'Cause I'm a thug
Sex so good, make a n***a fall in love
Ass up face down, how I take it like a drug

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