Barbie Cast

"What’s Gonna Happen"

All I really wanna do is stay right here
Away from prying eyes
'Cause I really gotta get to chapter three
And see if I'm surprised

Will the princess slay the dragon?
Will she save the day?
Will she find a brand new world
That takes her breath away?

What's gonna happen?
I can't wait to see
What's gonna happen?
It's all a mystery

I need to turn the page, prepare to be amazed
See if she's got it made, whoa
It's nothing I'd expect, what's gonna happen next?

All I really wanna do is hide right here
And start on chapter four
Maybe this is where the princess saves her friends
And claims her just reward

Will she shoot a perfect arrow?
Will her aim be true?
Will she meet her mighty foe
And know just what to do?
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