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Kenny Muney

"Feeling Me"

I was feelin myself way before anybody was feelin me

When I get done with my work Im gone get wit y’all
I said f*ck school, couldn’t sit in no seminar
Racks in my cargos, I knew I was finna ball
Paid for my [?], too young to rent a car
These not the drums at your chin, I broke plenty jaws
Kick a b*tch out if she play with my [?]
Her n*gga mad, she been lyin, they seen it dawg
No one-on-one you get jumped like a gaelicy
Stompin his face, he like stop they’re too many y’all
My n*gga done got life for some fentanyl
Oops I meant fentalyn, she just been getting into me
I spent a pound of OG on my Fendi kicks
Im into your b*tch but the b*tch really into me
Say she like shopping, I take her to Italy
Booty so big lil the jacket fit tin-ily
Is that a ten I see, b*tch Im from Tennessee
Sorry Im poppin my sh*t, but Im feelin me
No Im not sorry mane, f*ck it Im feelin me
Ayy I am the trippiest in the facility
Haters can’t see me, these Cartier’s shadin me
I must be fresh, these b*tches reppin and feelin me
Huh, they feelin me, they feelin me
Got ice on my body, no injury
I sh*t on my ops and my enemies
Turn haters, now look they feelin me
Too hot tell they check the humidity
My old b*tch say she can’t get rid of me
Drop off the pus*y like Uber, delivery
Huh, they feelin me, they feelin me
Can’t see a me, nobody real as me
If you don’t like me then don’t do all that bickerin
If you get caught you get smoked like some hickory

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