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Kenny Muney

"Muney Talk"

You gotta turn up my headphones some more
All the way up, like turn it up, up
Yeah, its up there, ayy

[Verse 1: Key Glock]
Don't know what you thought, ever since a tot lil b*tch I been a boss
Water Voss, on my neck and wrist everybody ask what it cost
Muney talk, yeah, b*tch you heard, what muney talk
Money all up in my pocket, prolly whats up in your vault (n*gga)

[Verse 2: Kenny Muney]
Whenever I talk it costs me
Yeah I turned my teeth to a faucet
Now you see more water than crawfish
This young n*gga on, ain’t gettin off me
But if you want, get put in a coffin
Yeah I am rich and Im bossy
Businesses know what Im talkin

[Verse 3: Key Glock]
b*tch I came in the game c*cky
Diamonds they fire, they box it
Nickname my wrist watch rocket
I need my cheese with broccoli
Im a dawg, get these fleas hoes off me
Ridin in the hard top, I got options
Bout to buy a new watch, tell them watch this

[Verse 4: Kenny Muney]
n*gga, n*gga, yeah Im a n*gga with a figures
Ridin in the coupe, no ceiling
Why you on a bucket, like cat litter
All these hoes know Im that n*gga
All these hoes dikes gangs hit ‘em
I could make your thot b*tch giggle
Or gargle, come get her

[Verse 5: Key Glock]
Ayy, come get her, come get her up off my pickle
Money hungry, whats for dinner (yeah)
My earrings the size of a lemon (yeah yeah yeah)
Yellow diamonds on, this how Im feelin
Richard Millie on me, that cost a million
My b*tch got racks too but she don't play tennis
Nah, nah, nah, all she do is just play with these balls
Money on my mind put a hoe on pause
Money on my line gotta answer this call (brrp, hello?)
Glizock what the f*ck you got going on
sh*t, some Paper Route Buisiness holmes
I know, I see you and Kenny gettin it on

[Verse 6: Kenny Muney]
Me and my n*ggas gettin big racks, bookoo
Yeah we been gettin money since Fubu
Don't know a n*gga, sh*t, who you
[?] roll one or two
These n*ggas dream bout the money I run through
Runnin through b*tches and kick ‘em out kung-fu
Dammit Im ballin and no I can’t fumble
My money long as the hair on Rapunzel
n*gga talkin bout it, gonna text or come on fool
Take a few shots, what you gonna do
Big money talk, get your gun dude
Young rich n*gga made my own rules
Still talkin money, broke the phone booth
Im up, and humble
Big green, cuc*mber
Don't play, I'll gun ya

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