"Get Em Gone 2"


[Verse 1]
As soon as I left the bank
I just blew a bag on some Helmut Lang
b*t*h, get away from me, yeah, you stink
I'm not on the news but I'ma make it rain
Blame it on me, blame it on the drank
Cartier diamonds flyer than a plane
Me and the gang gon' pull up in that four door
Your b*t*h, she play me but it's cool though
Pockets on fat, yeah, that hoe sumo
Oxy got me on mars like Bruno
Yeah, hop in that Trackhawk, we go to Pluto
Twin XD's, yeah, they duo
I don't f**k with Trueys, I just bought some Ksubi's
b*t*h wanna f**k me 'cause I'm rockin' Louis

[Verse 2]
We at Chanel, we going big
Count up the, fww, we going big
Just bought a new Louis Bag, I'ma go and put some racks in 'em
I just bought some Ksubi denim, could you guess how many racks in 'em?
Heard you sent the hit out, we gon' send the boy back to whoever sent 'em
Finna get the gang tatted on me, yeah
Just took a Xan, now I'm split
Call up Gavin, he gon' put a piece on your head
Bad b*t*h sucking d**k, oh yeah, she playing with my dreads
I'ma stand tall like the f**kin' pledge
Took them xans like I'm depressed
So many percs look kinda dressed
Soon as she see me, she take off her dress
I'm reppin' SlayWorld, f**k the rest
Alex McQueen, I don't f**k with Guess
Play with my life, I'm playing chess
Got some racks on me no stress, woah, woah
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